Molly Shapiro

In August 2013 I founded The Preppy Hostess. In less than 4 years it has grown into a leading media publication for recipes, lifestyle topics, restaurant reviews, and cultural insights. My intentions were simple: share my love for food and art with other young adults.

Unfortunately, I feel that a growing number of people in my generation are often not interested in hosting dinner parties, creative baking, wine tasting or sampling the latest Chevre, and I want to change that. Cooking is not only a life skill, it is a way to express, share and nurture. As the Preppy Hostess, I love taking an overwhelming concept and creating easy tweaks and ways so that everyone can apply it live a better life.

The Preppy Hostess

I grew up in upstate New York and coastal Florida. I also spent summers on the beautiful and historic Nantucket Island where baking and spending quality time with my mother nurtured a love for cooking, entertaining, event planning and home décor at an early age.

Ever since my younger years, even before I was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter, family and friends have voiced that I have always been organizing events and creating recipes. From crafting delicious party dishes, to picking the perfect throw pillow, or putting together fabulous fashion styles; I quickly became everyones “go-to-girl”. This gave birth to the development of a culture that inspires a preppy and glamorous life – The Preppy Hostess.

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